New Bovada Sportsbook “Mobile Betting” Displays Internet Savvy

Mobile Betting

A new online sportsbook app is making rounds online, as the player friendly “Mobile Betting” is becoming popular.

Mobile Betting is a variant that looks and feels like the actual sportbooks, albeit with a few twists. Bettors who use mobile devices (save for old phones) are given the ability to join and navigate the sportsbook, in lieu of being at home and using their computer. If the bettor wins any bet, the sportsbook will pay out just like if they were using their home computer.

Online sportsbooks always give some incentives, and in this case the bettor gets bonuses when signing up, regardless of the mobile device being used. Instead, the bettors get this free cash to bet with, making it a win-win for both sportsbook and sports bettor.

Mobile Betting came about from the app and smart phone boom, which is responsible for millions of apps being used throughout the world. The app is currently available for use at the Bovada Online Sportsbook.